Saturday, October 10, 2009

Excelsior College's Abnormal Psychology Examination

The Excelsior College abnormal psychology exam is fairly easy to study for, provided that you have some basic reading experience in introductory psychology. My only prior psychology study was to challenge “Psychology as a Natural Science” with Athabasca University. I then viewed The World of Abnormal Psychology series from Annenberg Media, wrote the test, and got the credits.

If you have no prior experience with introductory psychology, it’s no sweat. View some additional material from Annenberg Media, such as:

The Brain: Teaching Modules
Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

As far as books go for learning introductory psychology, I learnt the subject using Psychology: Theme and Variations. However, there is a variety of freshman psychology textbooks available, and all of them should give you a good knowledge base.

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